We praise technical excellence and customized legal advice.

CJA Trade Law’s professionals provide personal involvement in all the cases we handle. These are the pillars upon which we founded our firm.

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We praise technical excellence and customized legal advice. CJA Trade Law’s professionals provide personal involvement in all the cases we handle. These are the pillars upon which we founded our firm, which arose from the passion for International Trade and all its related areas.

We created a boutique specialized in such area, always aiming for the best solutions for our clients, taking into consideration the particularity of each matter and its possible consequences.

We value ethical principles and strict adherence to moral standards when dealing with political agents and government officers.

Our Firm is also focused on being a primarily female environment, in order to foster professional opportunities for talented women in our practice area. This concept is not exclusive: regardless of gender, we value the quality of each professional, but focusing on the importance of creating a flexible working place for women. For us, prompt and precise work delivery is paramount, as part of the detailed and high-level legal service we offer our clients.

With an optimized and efficient structure, we work dedicatedly on each case, understanding each client's specific needs and issues. Always with the direct involvement of our partners in each case, we value ensuring efficiency and technical quality in all situations.

We also understand the importance of continued legal education and mastery of the topics in our area, and we are always ahead of the legal updates and trends relevant to trade law in Brazil and abroad. Formed by highly skilled professionals, our team is able to serve our clients on complex and highly specialized Trade Law issues, from the creation of legal strategies, conflict resolution of international trade agreements and working with governmental and international trade governance bodies. In related areas, we work in partnership with a network of reputable law firms, in Brazil and Worldwide.


Our performance in the legal market is recognized by renowned institutions that evaluate offices and lawyers around the world, giving credibility to the CJA Trade Law:


Our expert legal team assists clients in the wide-range of trade-related regulations, transactions and requirements. We are constantly following the regulatory and political environment in Brazil, which frequently undergoes relevant changes that impact on business. As such, we are able to offer the following services to our clients:

International Trade

-Trade remedies proceedings: Antidumping duty (AD), Countervailing Duty (CVD) and Safeguard Measures.

-Negotiation and interpretations of bilateral, regional or multilateral trade and investments agreements.

-Customs matters.

-International Trade Litigation

-Export Controls and Economic Sanctions


-Merger review

-Cartel investigation

-Compliance Programs

Government Relations and Trade Policy

-Support of clients’ strategic objectives with policy advice, regulatory assistance and advocacy practice within government authorities.

Customs Law

-Trade Facilitation Agreement.

-Import proceeding valuation.


-Import and Exports administrative proceeding.

Modification requests

Related to tariffs

AEO certification.

Trade Facilitation Agreement.


Customs proceedings


International trade litigation


Corporate and international contracts.


Client representation before regulatory and administrative agencies


Merger control proceedings at CADE.

Cartel investigations

Cartel investigations.

Import and export controls

Import and export controls

Antitrust and trade

Antitrust and trade compliance programs.


International Cooperation Procedures under The Hague Convention terms.

Our Team

Carla Junqueira Sócia
Heloisa Santos Souza Associate
Laila Silva Sauaia Trainee


Some of our clients

São Paulo / Buenos Aires

We have offices both in São Paulo and in Buenos Aires, which allows us to offer our clients with interests in Brazil and in Argentina the unique added value of providing specialized International Trade advise in Brazil from São Paulo, and of partnering with reputable Argentine International Trade advisors, working as a team with them from Buenos Aires.